3 Reasons Your Social Media Gets No Love

Social Media Love

“I see all these other brands literally selling out of products they post on Instagram, yet I barely get a like!”

“I spend all this time posting on Facebook but my fans don’t seem to give two sh*ts!”

“Okay but really, what’s Twitter for anyway?”

If I had a fiver for every time I heard these sentiments from fellow entrepreneurs I could probably hang up my hat and retire at the tender age of 35. Of course, as a marketer to the core, I totally get their frustration.

Social media is the most cost effective form of mass media available to business owners who are trying to get their message, product or service out there for the world to see. Moreover, it seems like everybody’s doing it which often brings huge pressure from the belief that if my competitor is doing it and I’m not then I’m missing that opportunity. Most attractive of all,  many small businesses are seeing incredible results through social media so it’s natural to have the “why not my biz” mentality . The thing is, even though it’s free to use, social media requires an investment if it’s going to work for you.

Here are 3 major reasons your social  media gets no love:

1.  You’re trying to get to third base on the first date.

Think of social media like dating your potential clients. Each interaction is an opportunity for them to get to know, like and trust you. The problem is if you spend most of their precious time sharing your latest and greatest offering, it’s likely they’re going to feel a little put off, even if what you’re selling is something you know they could really use. Instead of using social media like a 24/7 commercial zone, use your content to start conversations, tell your story,  offer value and when you do post something that’s a little more salesy ensure you make it clear what’s in it for your “date”Continue reading

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Just Who Do You Think You Are?

“Just who do you think you are?”

Have you ever actually heard someone utter these words in conversation? I’m talking in real life, not some cheesy made for TV movie. And yet, if you’re putting yourself out there in any anxiety-inducing way (like starting or running a business), you’ve probably heard it echo in your subconscious at least once. Let’s be real. Totally honest. You’ve probably heard those deflating words many, many times over.

I’ll admit that I’ve heard it…more than once.

Because even though I I’ve spent the last 5 years repeatedly putting myself out there as an entrepreneur so I should be used to it, even though I’ve got the marketing / branding / communications expertise that allows me to be confident with what I’m sharing, and even though I’ve experienced sold out events, media coverage and glowing testimonials that should assure me that “who I am” is savvy, connected and a deliverer of awesome results, I still have to quiet the little voice that asks me who I am to be audacious, out there and living life on my terms.

I had to learn to thank that little voice.

Because if I chose to let it get the best of me I would still be trying to break the glass ceiling as a Marketing Executive working long hours to impact someone else’s bottom line and living a life that looked great on paper but was deeply frustrating to me. Instead I chose to answer the question, quiet the voice and gave myself permission to sparkle.

So just who do I think I am?

I’m a Self-Promotion Sage and an Image Alchemist. I’m a believer that the difference in whether you build a successful business or fail miserably lies in your commitment to being 100% visible. I’m writer and a style connoisseur.  I’m an advocate for putting yourself first and living life on your terms. I’m a lover of connecting with and teaching others. I’m a Wife, Mama, Daughter, Sister and Friend. I’m a Leo, a country girl and a hippie at heart.

And what’s this space? 

My intention is to share strategies, advice, insights and resources for heart-centred entrepreneurs that will inspire you to get your sparkle on as you navigate building your business and creating the life you most desire. I hope we’ll get to know each other so feel free to tweet me your thoughts, leave a comment along the way and…

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